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Our Sustainability Approach

In pursuit of a more sustainable industry and future, we pledge to create products responsibly, enable you to maximize their wear, and provide a way to recycle every product through second life programs.

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1. We produce responsibly.
We sell through 90% of the products we make, which is high for the industry average sell-through rate of just 60-70%.

Unlike most fashion brands, we only make what we think we can sell. We produce in small batches, buying as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction. 

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100% of our assortment is now made from sustainably-certified materials.

In 2020, we made the promise to reach 100% sustainably-certified materials by the end of 2023. With the launch of our updated Travel Case Set and Easy Tote Insert, our collection is now fully sustainable.

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100% of our suppliers are committed to a high degree of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility. 

Each one has either been independently audited for social compliance or has agreed to our Cuyana vendor terms, which include compliance with local labor laws.

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2. We design to maximize wear.
Our goal is to keep our products in your wardrobe and out of landfills.

Intentional design is at the core of our fewer, better philosophy. When designing any product, we first ask ourselves whether it is timeless, functional, and versatile—an item that you will feel chic wearing year after year. But we don’t mistake basic for boring: all of our clothing is created with elevated design details and functional purpose. We design so that you fall in love with what you wear.

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A go-to destination for styling inspirations, On Rotation is designed to bring a fresh perspective to your everyday wardrobe.

Maximizing wear means optimizing versatility. Each product we create is made to be worn again and again. Rediscover and restyle each piece for seasons to come with On Rotation, a seasonal hub that’s refreshed monthly to offer you creative ways to style our permanent collection with newer arrivals, so you can get the most wear out of your pieces.

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3. We work to extend the life of your wardrobe.
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We want to put an end to the notion that your wardrobe is disposable, and encourage the first instinct to be to repair rather than replace. Over time, this practice will extend the life of your products and increase your price per wear, slow consumption, and reduce unnecessary waste.

Care Guide

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While all our products are made with quality & longevity, wear & tear over time from frequent use is to be expected, and your beloved products can often be brought back to life with a small repair. In order to reduce waste, we can facilitate repairs for your Cuyana pieces.

Due to COVID-19, our repair and refresh services are temporarily unavailable.


Our Lean Closet program, which we established in 2013, is dedicated to giving products a second life all while making it easy for you to achieve a fewer, better closet.

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When it's time to make space for something new, give your Cuyana products a second life through resale or donation. Cuyana Revive is a space created to give beloved Cuyana pieces a second life.

Resale at Cuyana Revive

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Once it is time for you to make space for the new by moving on from your beloved Cuyana pieces, we want to empower you to do so without guilt. Our Lean Closet program is designed to keep your Cuyana pieces out of landfill by giving them a second life.

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4. We pledge to achieve 100% neutral packaging by 2025.
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We pledge to achieve 100% carbon-neutral packaging by 2025.

While the majority of our shipping boxes and printed assets are made from recycled paper, we are striving to eliminate plastic and further improve the impact made on the environment in our packaging.