Better Cashmere: Why it Matters

Year-round weight. Single origin. Italian made.

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100% unblended cashmere. We partner with a small-batch Italian mill that masters the art of luxury apparel. In a new endeavor, the team began producing cashmere under the Responsible Cashmere Standard—ensuring a material that raises the bar in the cashmere industry.

What does single-origin mean?

The term “single-origin” is often used to describe high-quality commodities, such as single-origin coffee, single-vineyard fine wine, and single-barrel whiskey. But what does it mean in the world of cashmere? Indicating that the materials can be traced back to a single place of origin, the term promises pureness in material along with social responsibility and transparency. By investing in any product that has a single origin, you are supporting ethical business practices and encouraging improvement in the industry.

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Where do the fibers come from?

Unblended and unbleached, our cashmere can be traced to a single plateau in Inner Mongolia, where 200 goats produce the entirety of our Single-Origin Cashmere. The high elevation and cold climate of this location creates an environment for long, 38 millimeter cashmere fibers to grow to keep the goats warm. Our sweaters are made only from these long fibers, ensuring longevity and durability. That’s why we call it better cashmere.

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Who makes the sweaters?

The craft of spinning quality cashmere is a heritage treasure. While the mill we partner with is small and family-owned, their expertise in sourcing and weaving quality cashmere fibers creates an enduring and pill-resistant product. Each and every fiber can be traced back to a single plateau in Inner Mongolia, promising a pure and resilient cashmere.

The Responsible Cashmere Standard

This newly-established standard requires sustainable land management of the cashmere farms, ethical treatment of the animals, and traceability throughout the supply chain. From sourcing the best cashmere fibers in Inner Mongolian farms to weaving the purest fibers with care, every step of the process counts.

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